PDF Letter Ravens Closure

Dear Parents/Carers,


Our Academy was contacted yesterday by the Department for Education (DFE) following a structural survey carried out last month. Unfortunately, they have informed us that Reinforced Aerated Autoclave Concrete (RAAC) has been detected in the roof in one of our Academy buildings. The DFE has concerns about the safety of the RAAC panels used to construct the building, in particular the roof.  We are awaiting further guidance from the DFE on the appropriate next steps to take.

None of our classrooms are affected, but we shall probably be without our hall for some time and movement around the school will have to be re-routed.


We are currently creating a contingency plan, to ensure that all our children are safe, can access food and drink, and can return to their education as swiftly as possible.  As a result, we will be closed for two days next week, on Tuesday 5th and Wednesday 6th September. This is in addition to our original INSET planned for Monday 4th September.


Those pupils entitled to free school meals, including universal free school meals, will be able to collect a packed lunch on both days from the school gate. Further details on the timings of this will be provided as soon as practicable.


We appreciate this is short notice and that this will be concerning for our parents, carers and pupils. We hope that you can understand that the safeguarding of our pupils and staff is our priority. We are working behind the scenes to ensure that we can provide the most suitable educational provision in this challenging situation.


Kind Regards,



Miss C Minter                                                                                                    Mrs N Deen


Principal Ravens Academy                                                                           Acting Primary Education Director