The team at Ravens Academy work hard to inspire every child to succeed and develop. We provide a safe and happy environment with appropriate learning opportunities and a range of experiences which allow your child to grow and learn.

We encourage and challenge our pupils to ensure they are well prepared for their life ahead academically, personally, emotionally and professionally.

Senior Leadership Team

Executive Principal – Lesley Brennan

Principal (DDSL) – Valerie Rose

Vice Principal (Alternate DSL) – Andy Bear

Vice Principal (Alternate DSL) – Charley Minter

Assistant Principal/ (DSL) – Elaine Rendall

Teaching Team

Nursery Teacher – Mrs T Barnes  (Mornings Only)

Reception Teacher – Mrs L Lamb

Reception Teacher – Ms L Potts

Year 1 Teacher – Mrs J Hance

Year 1 Teacher – Mr A Rowland & Miss E Wright

Year 2 Teacher – Mrs S Hemingway

Year 2 Teacher – Mr R Spriggs

Year 3 Teacher – Mr B Abbott

Year 3 Teacher – Mrs S Martin (Mon, Tues, Weds) &  Mrs N Routley (Thurs, Fri)

Year 4 Teacher – Mr C Johnson

Year 4 Teacher – Miss N Smith

Year 5 Teacher – Miss C Roberts

Year 5 Teacher – Miss M Bryant

Year 6 Teacher – Mrs A Jennings-Fraser

Year 6 Teacher – Mr S Jeetooa

Inclusion Team


Mrs A Khan (SENDCo)


Mrs N Hutchinson

Mrs M O’Kane

Teaching Support Team

Mrs R Pritchard

Mrs N Jones

Miss C Levy

Miss M Parrock

Mrs R Cook

Miss A Byrne

Miss C Paul

Mrs A Barry

Miss L Joy

Miss J Thorpe

Mrs F Edwards

Mr D Rands

Miss S Warman

Mrs S Bourgaize

PE and Sport Team

Mr J Willis

Ms K Pilgrim

Mr D Birkin

Mr J Utley

Lunch Time Team

Senior Midday Assistant – Mrs M O’Kane

Midday Assistant – Mrs R Pritchard

Midday Assistant – Mrs A Liddle

Midday Assistant – Ms T Forrester

Midday Assistant – Mrs H Latimer

Midday Assistant – Miss A Byrne

Midday Assistant – Miss A Oyekunle

Midday Assistant – Mrs R Cook

Senior Cook – Miss S Drake

Assistant Cook – Miss C Kerry

Kitchen Assistant – Miss N Foster

Kitchen Assistant – Mrs E Sealey

Office Team

Mrs J Boggas

Mrs T Wright

Mrs L Love

Site Team

Mr S Wootton