Ravens Academy Curriculum Rationale

Ravens is a large primary school situated in Clacton-on-Sea. With a mainly white British, working-class demographic and located in an area of high deprivation, unemployment and with a large pupil turnover, our children usually start school with limited social capital and with significant underdevelopment in their acquired knowledge and skills.


In response, we have designed a rich and challenging curriculum which aims to fully engage our children, while rigorously responding to our pupils’ educational needs by:

  • focussing on attaining a knowledge and appreciation of English language and use through a rich exposure to (and deep study of) quality texts and discursive tasks.
  • looking to raise our pupils’ understanding of (and ability to widely use) mathematical concepts and ideas.
  • helping them develop wider life aspirations.
  • nurturing positive attitudes and values to produce future citizens of value.
  • providing the children of our community with a wide range of experiences, developing their cultural capital, and teaching them about human creativity and achievement.
  • showing each pupil routes of opportunity.
  • helping them to recognise the potential they have to make a positive contribution within their own community and beyond, now and in the future.