Pupils are welcome to come into the class at 8:40am and are supervised by the class teacher who additionally takes the register & dinner choice at this time. Messages can be taken at the gate by a member of staff. All entry gates are supervised.

Gates are closed at 8.55. Pupils arriving between 8.55 and 9.00 should enter via the main entrance doors and make their way straight to class.

Registration closes at 9.00. Pupils arriving after this time must enter the Academy via the Office, where they will have their arrival recorded in the Late Register.

Lunchtime starts at 11.45 for pupils in Reception, at 12.00 for pupils in KS1 and 12.15 for pupils in KS2.

The academy day ends at 3.00 for pupils in Reception and KS1 and at 3.15 for pupils in KS2.

Pupils in Reception and KS1 can be collected from the school playground. Pupils in KS2 are escorted to the gate by their class teacher.