On behalf of all the staff at Ravens Academy, I would like to welcome you to our school website and I hope that you enjoy learning more about the school whilst you are browsing.

Ravens is an incredible  Academy which belongs to the Academy Transformation Trust family of academies. We believe that every child, every person, is capable of many amazing things. It is therefore vital that we give our children as many different experiences as possible to ensure they are well equipped to succeed in today’s rapidly changing society.

Our curriculum is carefully designed with the children’s specific needs and interests in mind. It is built on the firm foundations of providing our children with excellent English and Maths skills. As a school, we also seek to expand our pupils’ current reality by broadening their horizons, enabling them to realise that there is a wider world out there and encouraging them to be aspirational.

We are committed to helping our pupils make links across themes and subject disciplines, by providing a cohesive learning journey. We believe the curriculum should be connected in a meaningful way, evidencing clear progression and should demonstrate a consistent approach throughout school.

Our expectations are consistently high; not just of us as educators but of the children and families that join together to constitute a vibrant learning community.

Ravens is about teamwork and about forming binding, positive relationships built on mutual trust. Children thrive here in a happy and nurturing environment. Our staff encourage a love of learning and work closely with parents to create a sharing community where all feel a sense of belonging.

Our children are polite and friendly. Visitors to the school often comment on the friendly and welcoming environment that characterises our community.