Our school councillors were elected by democratic process on Thursday 19th May 2022. Their ‘Term of Office’ will run until May 2023 when the next elections will take place.

Pupils who wanted to stand for election had to prepare a manifesto and give a speech to their class. We had an incredible number of  candidates, up to 50% in some classes!

On election day, we had volunteers from the Y6 classes to help with the arrangements and the count. They had an important role to play as they had to help supervise the voting process, checking pupils eligible to vote, keeping a watchful eye on the ballot box and counting the votes.

The pupils from each class were impeccably behaved during voting, which allowed the process to be straight forward and efficient. Everyone really seemed to enjoy voting (even if some of them did try to sneak in for a second vote! 😉)  it made all the hard work worth it especially when the winners received their badges, which they are rightly proud of.

Thank you to Mrs Joy and Mrs Barry who organised the elections and to all the pupils for their part whether that was standing for election, voting or volunteering.

And congratulations to our school councillors who will be making a difference  at Ravens.