Champions is a Sports, Fitness and Health programme for Years 1 to 6. It is an holistic approach to the teaching of PE, which improves fitness, develops skills and deepens knowledge of health and wellbeing. It was inspired by an approach at Ark Bentworth and Ark Conway schools. It has been developed and successfully implemented in school by specialist teachers and, as such, is a proven part of wider school improvement and an effective measure of individual children’s fitness and sport progress.

Here are our individual year group year plans and their link to the National Curriculum.

Year 1 – KS1:

Champions Year Plan

Year 2 – KS1:

Champions Year Plan

Year 3 – KS2:

Champions Year Plan

Year 4 – KS2:

Champions Year Plan

Year 5 – KS2:

Champions Year Plan

Year 6 – KS2:

Champions Year Plan

Links to the National Curriculum:

Champions Mapping To National Curriculum KS1

Champions Mapping to National Curriculum KS2

Our PE policy can be read here.

The following links will take you to our skills provision maps.

Athletics Skills Progression Map

Dance Skills Progression Map

Games Skills Progression Map

Gymnastics Skills Progression Map

Due to the ongoing Covid-19 epidemic we have no current data for swimming.