Ravens Academy, English Policy Statement

To reach young minds, our teachers have re-written our curriculum for Reading and Writing in collaboration with The Literacy Tree. Our curriculum now uses very high quality texts (most are Carnegie or Kate Greenaway Medal nominees and winners) to spark the children’s imaginations. We have purchased copies of the actual books to be in their hands too and not a series of photocopied chapters – it makes a big difference!

Each classroom is stocked with a wide range of good quality books; we also have a book exchange where students can bring their books in from home and exchange them for another read.

Our curriculum supports, guides and challenges children so that they discover their own unique ‘writer’s voice’. We want our young writers to consider situations, characters, styles and genres that they are not familiar with. Writing is a channel for children to express themselves and their views and we value this by displaying excellent pieces of writing onto our walls.

Our Reading and Writing curriculum is exciting and engaging, we keep it fresh by introducing new books regularly. It is also underpinned by a very strong emphasis on spelling, punctuation and grammar. SSR (Sustained Silent Reading) is implemented after lunch time where the children have fifteen minutes to enjoy their own reading book, picked for pleasure, and to discuss their adventures with the adults in the classroom. A whole class book is also shared with each class at the end of the day where children from EY to Y6 can find out why the crayons quit to how Harry defeated Voldemort.

Celebrations such as World Book Day spark original ideas and thoughts in our young readers and writers. We build on this with regular trips to the library designed to inspire the children further.

Please browse through our English Curriculum Overview map where you will find the texts that each year is studying throughout the academic year.

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